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October 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Fullerton_Perfection Farm Bantam CochinsFullerton_Perfection Farm Bantam Cochins As I mentioned in my last post, I feel the rest of the web has the art education field covered, and I don’t often get the urge to write. What would I write if I had to write every single week? Sat at easel. Fiddled  with brushes, angle of lights, paint stuck to palette knife. Painted some. Went okay. Rinse, repeat.

I got some sound advice from my mom about blogging last week. She’s been into chickens for years now, specifically breeding and raising cool varieties of bantam cochins (a tiny chicken kind of chicken). She uses genetics to combine the best traits of her birds for desired feather colors, like pure red (very hard to get), and for a healthy, robust flock. She competes in chicken shows (for real), sells birds, and buys or hatches new birds to keep breeding toward perfection. And she loves it.

Through the web she offers advice to others about getting the results she’s had. So she rarely runs out of things to post about, the way I often do. She has information of educational value to offer and others seek it. A pretty good formula for keeping busy, and it’s fun for her, so it’s easy to keep it up.

Posting on a blog should be fun like that, not a chore. So I’m not going to sweat it if I don’t post much. When I do, you know it’ll be something fun and fantastic going on. Not just the day to day.

Ding Ding, one of our cats, also pointed out that, “Prrrrr prrr prrr. I love laptop. Prrrr. I fit on your lap too, m’kay?” Our other cat, Pasha, was asleep somewhere otherwise I’m sure he would have had something to add.



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