Sketchbook Doodle Odyssey

December 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I’ve had my most recent sketchbook since July 2008. “But Becky,” you might say, “that’s a long time ago. Don’t you ever sketch?” The answer is no, I seem to sketch less and less in a formal sketchbook each year. Lately I’ve found myself going directly to my canvas with a well-formed idea that I sketch out there, without any thumbnail sketches for color palette or composition.

However, I have been revisiting this sketchbook for a completely different reason than idea development. I’m filling in the white space. Most days I take about five minutes to use a fine-tip pen to doodle tiny things around previously made sketches.

I’ve done this type of drawing in the margins of notebooks forever, so I started taking it to the next level in January 2011. I know this because I’ve been marking each page I cover with the start and end date. 

Some pages have taken a month or two. Others a year or more as I start and stop things. They’re really funny and weird. My cats work their way into the doodles sometimes, as do little cartoon characters pop-cultures things I either see or make up. It’s like my own little kind of meditation without all the sitting still.



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