You Knew It Was Coming: 2014 - A Year in Review

December 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

RMFullerton_Mount-Eisenhower-NH_July-2014RMFullerton atop Mount Eisenhower in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire.Me in the middle of a week-long hike through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, flying high atop Mount Eisenhower! What a roller coaster of a year! I started a new, very part time job, I showed my work at four events of wildly varied sizes and attendance levels, hiked for a week on my own in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, spent time on Cape Cod with family, and visited the Teton Range of Wyoming for the first time!

Through it all I’ve tried to maintain my pace in painting and in learning to be a better artist. I also made the leap to start looking at my art as a part of my career and not just something I do ‘cause I just can’t stop! I’m still finding my voice as a marketeer and personal cheerleader for myself, and there will be more of that in the coming year. Results thus far seem to show that folks like what I’m doing, and that keeps me going!

I’m grateful for every person who stopped to see my art at the events I attended, every kind word of encouragement, and every purchase made to keep me traveling on this crazy path. I had so many laughs this year with instant friends, great conversations about creativity and our inner lives, and wonderful interactions with people who truly appreciate my art. Events are hard and exhausting, but I always come out of them buzzing with energy and the thrill that only those person-to-person experiences can give.

I like to make goals. As I look ahead to 2015, I’ve been thinking about what types of paintings I’d like to make and how to raise the quality of my work by learning new techniques and more solid practice. I’d also love to move more of my work out of my closets and onto your walls (duh!).  

I have two paintings of vastly different styles currently in the works. One is a watercolor landscape, the other an oil on canvas scene of a small town in winter. I’m thrilled with both of them so far which means I’m accomplishing the most important goal of all: loving what I do when I’m in the studio and forging ahead with all the creativity I can muster.

Here’s to a most excellent year in 2015!



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