La petite grand-mère

March 15, 2014  •  1 Comment


I'm back in my homeland of Vermont with family this weekend where nearly three feet of snow lies thick on the rolling hills and fields – a winter idyll if there ever was one. Hopefully we'll get out to ski, snowshoe, or go sledding, but first we have some packing to do. My Grammie – ninety years old – passed away recently and we're here to clean out her apartment. She made a good go of it. Worked in southern Vermont for decades, raised two kids, moved to New York long after retiring, and came back to Vermont last year. She loved Nascar and Jim Morrison, making stamped craft cards and painting furniture. Her apartment is filled with colored glass, fancy baskets, and a terrarium that smells like spring. It will be hard work, but the good memories lie as thick as the snow.  


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