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I’ve always been a shameless doodler. All through elementary, junior high, high school, college, even grad school, I have never been able to keep my hand from doodling in the margins. I know I was actually paying attention to the content of classes through those years. My grades clearly showed I was sponging up all that information somehow. I just had too many little things I had to draw to wait for class to be over.

I still do this while in meetings, when I’m listening to someone on the phone, at lectures, while listening to conference panel discussions … basically anytime I have a writing implement, a piece of paper, and a voice in the background.

Fortunately for me, turns out doodling has all sorts of cognitive benefits. Just as we waited around long enough to discover that wine, chocolate, and coffee are good for us, now doodling is a tonic, too! And voilà! Companies have started encouraging employees to doodle as a creative solution to get their brains churning out fun, fresh ideas and solutions.

So doodle away, friends! You might discover the best new way to survive those hours-long meetings.



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