Finishing one piece of art, starting another.

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RMFullerton.com_Helper-CatHelper Cat Says: Get a move on!!

P3105435Making a new canvas. Putting together the stretcher bars.

Making art is a perpetual cycle. You finish one painting/sculpture/photo project/video/etc.; you start in on something  new. I typically have at least one or two ideas waiting in line to get a move on.  As one painting starts to appear finished (I don’t know how - it just kind of does?) I get that itch to begin something new. Couldn’t hurt to at least stretch a new canvas or lay out some watercolor paper and a few sketches, right? Sometimes I start a new piece before the last is done.

P3105445Stretching a new canvas.Pulling and stapling the canvas over the stretcher bars.

But then again, some paintings never seem quite right, or done, and there’s almost a fear of deeming them so. What if there are a few more brushstrokes or just one last highlight that would make the thing come to life and dance around the studio? If you get it ‘just so’ do you reach Nirvana? But then you get to the point where you’ve done all you feel you can do. It probably looks great to 99% of your viewers. And it might be time to leave well enough alone and move on to what could be your next breakthrough masterpiece. Is it fear of finishing, or fear of starting in on the next project?

How do you overcome this feeling?


Watch_this_spaceStretching a new canvas.A fresh, new painting surface. Full of possibility!



I remember what Steve Jobs said - "Real artists ship" :)
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