Review Sessions with Martinis

June 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Most days I go to a job, or I volunteer. I’m an Archivist during the day, which means I deal with historical documents, their care, and preservation. My husband Stu works at home doing mostly techy stuff. When I come home we generally have much to talk about, especially since he does a lot of work that pertains to my art business. If I am very lucky, he will make martinis to facilitate these conversations. A Martini. On Our Porch.A Martini. On Our Porch.A Martini. On Our Porch.

Stu: I looked into upgrading the desktop today so we can bring disambiguation of our visual content optimization protocols in-house, but then I found that it will require replacing everything with ecc workstation components.

Me: I put tiny labels on slides today!

Stu: So the resolution on our digital-to-print images is fine for the moment, but I think 4K is just the start of things to come and we’re going to have to iterate bayesian methodologies and integrate a new visualization strategy.

Me: Did you know they PRINTED a genetic replica of Van Gogh’s ear?!

Stu: Oh, and I was thinking of recategorizing a few paintings into a new gallery. They seem to have a similar round thingy in the back.

Me: Ah! Yeah, those two were heavily influenced by Art Nouveau, which I keep trying to ‘get,’ but it’s so hard. There’s this quality of line and shading that is just so …. ah! [I then wax poetic about Art Nouveau for a while]

Stu: I think I went to some Art Nouveau-type place in Brussels years ago.  They served beer.

Me: I know absolutely nothing about Brussels. If I sell enough paintings we should go there!

Thus I get updated on all the important business-y, techy things, and all of our really great ideas happen.



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