What Does One Write About on An Artist Blog?

September 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It may seem as though I have abandoned the blog section of my website, considering I have not posted here in over a month. Not so! I just don’t have a lot of exciting news or stories on hand at the moment. Plus life is happening out there, and lots of it. Work, making room for art, trips, vacuuming - the usual. And I’m not sure how many people actually read this sucker.

SerenitySerenity"Serenity," watercolor, 11x14, by R.M. Fullerton.

I will of course be pestering gently reminding you here about the upcoming Roslindale Open Studios on the first weekend in November and why you should attend, but that’s not for a while yet.

If I had more fun news or thoughts on the art-making process that I thought were not covered pretty well on the other eight million artist blogs out there, I would write it up and post it here.

So I’m issuing a challenge, a request, a poll of sorts: Make a suggestion about something you’d like to see on my blog. Could be all kinds of things. I’m game for most PG-rated topics (this is a [mostly] family-friendly kind of place, after all). A few topic suggestions might include:

  • Something you have always wanted to ask a real, live artist

  • More about me in general. Favorite foods, first real job, running habits

  • Ask what the story is behind a particular painting you like

  • Request that I go to a Boston art event or establishment in your place and tell you how it was

  • Ask me to critique your art

  • Propose a guest post or a collaborative post

So if anyone does read this and feels the urge, send blog post suggestions to info@rmfullerton.com and I’ll see what I can do with your idea!






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