Why You Should Go To Open Studios and How To Do It Right!

May 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Dedham Open Studios! DedhamOpenStudios.comDedham Open Studios! DedhamOpenStudios.comDedham Open Studios! DedhamOpenStudios.com Open Studios are events where one or many artists open their workspaces or gather in public venues to show and sell works of art. For example, Dedham Open Studios happens on Sunday, May 17th from 11 to 5 in lovely Dedham, Massachusetts, and you should go.

If you have any interest in acquiring fine, local art, or you just have a pesky blank space on your walls (maybe with a hole or an unsightly stain you need to cover), you should go to an Open Studios event. But there is a catch: You should go with buying something cool in mind. You should not go to browse, to window shop, or to pepper artists with questions.

Think about going to a farmer’s market: you wouldn’t go just to look at vegetables (and yes, I realize vegetables are edible and assist you in not starving, but hear me out). Therefore you should go to Open Studios with shopping in mind, because there are legions of artists out there with too many works in their tiny homes. Our walls are full. Our closets are full. Where else are we going to put it except your house?

However, if you go to Open Studios, go with a plan. Many events are massive and have way too much to see in a day. Luckily the event organizers will often set up a website in advance or distribute maps and brochures. Look through these materials. Find work that strikes your fancy and plan to visit the artist. If you’re only interested in jewelry, map a course to see a bunch of jewelers. If pottery is your thing, find out which potters make things that match your style. If you like paintings, come to my site. Just kidding. No. Actually, you should visit.

These events are also not devoid of all things but art. There is usually food to be had. In the case of Dedham Open Studios there will even be a beer tent. Huzzah! There will be live music! So don’t do the death march of art and try to see everything. Your eyes will cross and you’ll experience the same fatigue that occurs in museums. Take a break. Have a snack.

At the end of the day you will likely have seen a lot! Now is the time to have a meal at a local restaurant, relax, and reflect on the day. Talk with your companions about things you saw that you liked. If you missed seeing the work of an artist that you had on your list, find out where they will be showing next, or ask for a private studio tour in the future.

Hopefully you’ve picked up something nice for yourself or as a gift, and you’ve made it a day that looks good looking back.We artists are all glad you came. Our closets really were pretty full.



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