"I shut my eyes in the snow-fall and dream a dream of the hills." - Lucy Larcom
Adriondack RootsBlue HillsCamel's Hump 1: From Worcester RangeCamel's Hump 2: Fading LightCamel's Hump 3: From Mt HungerCloudsweepCrawford Path on WashingtonForestHikers' Rest, Mt WashingtonMt Lafayette, White Mountains, New HampshireWK_HL_oil_2017_Northern_UndercastPond ReflectionStar Lake from Mt MadisonThe Great GulfValley ShadowsWhite Mtn Mini 1: From GaleheadWhite Mtn Mini 2: South TwinWhite Mtn Mini 3: ZeacliffWhite Mtn Mini 4: A-Z TrailWhite Mtn Mini 5: Mt Monroe from Crawford Path